SMEs and mid-caps

The digital revolution brings a wide range of opportunities for companies to become and remain competitive both in local markets and internationally. Digital transformation, however, can be challenging for smaller companies due to lack of expertise, funding or other essential resources. Differences in the levels of digital technology adoption are noticeable across the EU, but that is exactly where the growth potential lies.

Today’s challenge

The BOWI project, financed through EU’s research and innovation programme Horizon 2020, is looking for SMEs and mid-caps that are ready to propose ambitious projects and receive grants for conducting technology application experiments between organisations that operate across different regions of member states.

Integrating innovative solution in order to enhance the operational processes of small enterprises can be a challenge for most entrepreneurs. The lack of knowledge about new technologies, expertise, funding, assistance, and other necessary means for efficiently digitalising the operational processes are aspects that BOWI project will address in order to create an ambitious environment across European industries.

BOWI solution

SMEs and mid-caps have the opportunity to enhance their businesses by adopting new technologies and at the same time receiving technical and business support from digital innovation hubs (DIHs) in a form of technology application experiments. 

Technology application experiments are a combination of developing, testing, and validating the technical and economic viability of new technological systems that are to be applied in the operational structures of specific domains.  Shortly – these experiments are the processes of moving research into production.

Applicants can submit experiment proposals for the following technological areas of interest: low energy computing powering CPS, cyber-physical and embedded systems, internet of things, flexible and wearable electronics, man/machine interfaces, advanced or high performance computing, robotics for manufacturing, additive manufacturing technologies, modelling and simulation, CPS for manufacturing, digital twins, data sharing, autonomous factories, cloud computing or artificial intelligence. The proposals must address technologies that have a high readiness level situated between level 5 – technology validated in relevant environment – and level 7 – system prototype demonstration in operational environment – on the Horizon 2020 TRL scale.

For the 1st round of open calls BOWI project will accept applications from SMEs and Mid-caps legally established in the following eligible regions:

  • Nord Vest, Romania,
  • Latvia,
  • Jihozápad, Czech Republic
  • Małopolskie, Poland
  • Yugozapaden, Bulgaria
  • Trøndelag, Norway

Why join BOWI?

Selected applicants will receive funding up to € 60 000 under the BOWI project, making it easier to adopt new technologies for their operation processes and become more competitive in their domain. The technology transfer experiment proposals that receive financing will also receive technical support and business-related support from the developing hubs, under the supervision of mature DIHs, for the whole 10 months of the technological transfer experiment.

BOWI project offers the opportunity to become part of an international community dedicated to cooperation for achieving technological breakthroughs. Members of the community will have access to online tools and repositories that will ease communication between stakeholders and explore new collaboration-based business opportunities.

The project sets out to establish long-term relations between the stakeholders by stimulating participants to continue cooperation and engage in sustaining the BOWI network even after the project will be completed. SMEs and Mid-caps will have access to a well-established network for supporting each other’s activities. The network will also include other organisations like development agencies and policy makers that are interested to improve the legislative framework, investors that are seeking for opportunities, and digital innovation hubs from different regions of the European Union.

By joining the BOWI network, companies will be able to connect with other stakeholders to receive or provide support, find new cooperation opportunities, engage in open dialogue and participate in mapping the future digitalization initiatives.