Investment agencies and
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Advanced technologies present enormous growth opportunities for European companies, having the potential to transform traditional value chains, shortening the route to market and thereby enabling new business models. EU businesses are, however, not taking full advantage of these technologies … yet. Differences in the level of digital technology adoption are noticeable across sectors and between EU regions, but that is exactly where the potential lies.

Digitalization challenges

One of the key drivers of the digitalization and technology adoption are the digital innovation hubs that act as one-stop-shops in supporting regional companies on their journey towards digital transformation. The hubs offer services such as technology testing, training, financial advice and networking opportunities, however not all of the hubs have the sophistication and experience level needed to support their local companies.

Since some of European regions have lower technological adaptation level than others, companies operating in the less developed regions need more support and wider access to hub’s technological infrastructure and expertise to reach new technological levels. The challenge arises when the local hub also does not have access and experience in providing some very high-tech solutions such as digital twins, AI related solution, wearable electronics and others.

These challenges can be tackled by creating interregional digital innovation hub experience sharing network. This network will not only allow companies even access to technologies and expertise but will also allow hubs and companies to discover new market opportunities.

The BOWI project

To boost digital innovation excellence in Europe and ensure even access to technologies throughout the regions BOWI project aims to create an enduring network of digital innovation hubs across Europe – the BOWI network. To reach this aim the project will explore and introduce attractive and self-sustainable digital innovation hub cooperation model. This model will be tried and adapted during 2 rounds of technology transfer experiments. Once refined it will serve as a basis for BOWI network members’ collaborations.

The project will ensure expertise and infrastructure transfer from fully developed digital innovation hubs located in technologically mature regions to improve the capacity of the hubs in technologically developing regions – mostly those in Eastern and South-East Europe. As a part of technology transfer experiments, the two hubs will work together in aiding SMEs and mid-caps reach the next technology readiness level. While doing this the hubs will be also seeking the best ways to organize their cooperation in a mutually feasible and attractive way. The economic viability of the proposed solutions will be thoroughly analysed by BOWI experts based on the dialogue with other stakeholder and only digital technology projects where clear business development is possible will be supported.

Why join BOWI?

To ensure the sustainability of the BOWI network, the involvement of both private investors and investment agencies is needed. BOWI aims to create a blended finance accelerator programme, which is a combination of various funding sources including private, public and European funds. These funds will be used to provide support for implementation of advanced digital services in SMEs and mid-caps.

Therefore, investors will be contributing to strengthening the competitiveness of European SMEs and moving towards the creation of innovation-led economy. In return you will have access to innovative tech solutions and companies across Europe, all in one place. Here you will able to discover new opportunities and find new investment and business opportunities.

The BOWI network will consist of SMEs and mid-caps with large innovation potential, backed up by the Pan-European network of digital technology experts and hubs, regional authorities, and development agencies, making them the future innovation leaders of their respective regions. We invite private investors and investment agencies to become a part of this network and join them in actively interacting, finding synergies and generating value from a community of peers and building competitive business environment. Together BOWI community will be able to create an impact on the European level, playing a meaningful role in the digital transformation of the EU economy and collecting the benefits digital technologies have to offer.

Future innovation leaders

Become one of the future innovation leaders and define the course of development. Having an open dialogues with other digitalization stakeholders will let us to identify key issues of the field faster, find effective solutions and enjoy the growth potential smart industry has to offer.