What is it?

The online tool uses a consistent set of technology and sector areas to allow comparision with heatmaps of other (E)DIHs

Identify, clarify and highlight your DIHs specialisation(s)

Identification of possible EU-partners, including suggestions

Provide information to other (E)DIHs about your strengths and collaboration needs

Why a heatmap?

The importance of a specialisation

The Heatmap tool is under development

Specialisation is needed to create an “attractor” to your region: your Unique Selling Point

  • It indicates what your (E)DIH has to offer.
  • It supports and focuses the efforts of the (E)DIHs to formulate their Smart Specialisation.
  • The specialisms, capacities and needs are the foundation for interregional collaboration.

The heatmap provides you a shared foundation for discussing complementarities, providing a standardized framework that facilitates effective communication and enables you to identify synergistic collaboration opportunities.

How does it work?

The heatmap links you with partners that need your specialism ‘exploit specialism’, partners that are complementary and enhance your specialism ‘joined’, and partners that have the specialism for your collaboration needs ‘seeking’. The results are shown based on your specialisms, selected from your capacities and capabilities, and areas where you are seeking specialisms.


  1. Select areas where your organisation has capacities and capabilities
  2. Define the specialisms of your organisation
  3. Select the technology and application areas for your specialisms
  4. Select areas where you are seeking specialism for your collaboration needs