BOWI Reference Architecture for Corridors

The Corridor Reference Architecture provides DIHs (representing regions) with a framework with the main elements that should be discussed and considered when building a corridor. The framework consists of 1 element. Activities are in the centre of any collaboration. These should also be embedded, supported and backed up by clear aim and mission, understanding of the participation of the various stakeholders, governance, financing and cultural alignment.


Interregional Innovation Corridors aim to facilitate the connection and continuous exchange of industrial and research capacities/capabilities across regions in Europe. Digital Innovation Hubs can act as gatekeepers to the regional ecosystem, connecting to the internal relevant stakeholders while providing a contact point for the other region. Different corridor types exist – from a more ad-hoc opportunistic collaboration to structural and synchronised activities – depending on the interests and the anticipated return on investment of the collaboration.


The Corridor Reference Architecture provides the corridor partners with the building blocks that should be developed and discussed for the corridor collaboration. This can help the partners to guide not only the discussion, but also the steps in setting up a corridor.



Digital Innovation Hubs

SMEs and mid-caps

Development agencies & Policy makers

Investment agencies and private investors




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